The Digital Rhyme

The incandescent splendor of a digital rhyme in time could bind you in a sleep so deeply. Indigo feathers of light take flight delightfully dancing downward, chancing glances back from imperfect design, the neon specter of a digital rhyme.

The caterpillar flicker of a taciturn weave might grieve relieved of its spark so darkly. Terrible shatters of glass might pass fantastically fleeing forward, seeking fragments of a translucent belief, the shadow fractures of a taciturn weave.

Electrifying vapor from a silicone dream might seem to gleam with a muted beauty. Microscope lenses reveal concealed tarantulas teasing tempests freezing easily into icicle sheen, the fractal patterns in a silicone dream.

The technicolor facets of a binary shield might yield revealing atrocious notions. Crystalline spirits that cry deny egregious errors, erstwhile terrors, mem’ries begging to stay concealed behind the sparkle of a binary shield.

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