I have prayed so many wishes
They must be everywhere
As I cast them up they float upon the air
And I’m hoping that a circle
Can turn into a square
That the sky could open up and you’d be there

If I could you know I’d tell you
Exactly what I mean
If I could then I would tell you how I dream
And I hope someday to show you
Exactly how I feel
Yes I hope someday to show you what is real to me

But it’s a lie
I can’t hide
Just the truth
And like a bird
In the sky
It won’t stay
Watch it fly

Here’s the thing, you know I’m scared of
Everyone I know
In a way it helps me see where I should go
And I’m searching someday never
For someone I’ve misplaced
When I think of you it seems like such a waste to me

But you’re alive
And I can’t hide
That’s the truth
So like a bird
In the sky
If you won’t stay
Watch me fly

(Hold on to me)

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