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Photo of luna moth by Underwatercolor

Hello Moth brings a mesmerizing presence to the stage, cialis combining pop sensibilities with unearthly sounds and intriguing musicality in songs that surprise and charm listeners. Warm, tadalafil passionate vocals contrast with the cold, digital tones of a Casio VL-1 synthesizer to create a sound that is at once soulful and soulless. In each riveting performance, Hello Moth spins musical layers over each other in loops to form elaborate patterns. The result is powerful and unexpected, as the audience witnesses the solitary musician become a haunting orchestra of one.

After building a reputation for spellbinding live shows and an innovative sound that blurs the lines between pop, singer/songwriter and electronic music genres, Hello Moth recorded and released Infinitely Repeated in 2013. On this nine-track debut album, lo-fi synths mix with cinematic orchestration and lush production to provide a backdrop for Hello Moth’s dynamic vocals, which range from a falsetto whisper to booming full-voiced thunder. The album received universally positive reviews following its release, and was nominated for best electronic record of the year at the 2014 WCMAs. Its peak chart position was #2 on CFBX (Oct 28th, 2013).

In summer 2014, Hello Moth released a music video for the song, ‘Clouds in Cloudless Skies’. The video is made up of randomly generated worlds and landscapes created entirely from programming code. In the words of Glenn Marshall, artist/programmer creator of the video, ‘Clouds in Cloudless Skies’ is “Bladerunner meets Koyaanisqatsi meets Minecraft. An ambitious, passionate exploration of random infinite beauty through the art of computer programming.” Upon its release the video received comprehensive coverage from the Creators Project, and Hello Moth performed at the debut screening in New York City, August 2014.

Hello Moth has played at high-profile events such as the Calgary Folk Music Festival 2014, Calgary Sled Island 2014, Edmonton NextFest 2014, and BreakOut West 2013 and 2014. Hello Moth was also chosen to record live sets for broadcast by CBC at BreakOut West 2013, by CKUA for their Alberta Backstage series (audio only), by Alberta Music for the Livestock Online series (video), and by CJSW for Sing Talk Play (video; funded by Telus and broadcast on Telus Optik TV On-Demand).

“Hello Moth is melodic and calming but still slightly creepy” – CMJ July 2013